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The “Mauro Francaviglia” Cultural Association brings together people and initiatives that revolved around the figure of Prof. Mauro Francaviglia, a world-class scientist, who passed away in 2013.

The Association intends to enhance and ideally continue all the scientific and cultural activities that involved Professor Mauro Francaviglia, especially research in scientific-cultural dissemination, between art and science but not only, in universities, research bodies and through scientific societies / associations / other of which he was founder and / or collaborator. Both the periods of stay at the University of Turin, the international activities and the last period (2002-2013) of his life, in which he chose to live and work in Calabria, will be valued.

The Association is committed to promoting interdisciplinary initiatives between Art and Science and technique.


Marcella Giulia Lorenzi

Italian-Canadian, scholar and artist who has always connected art, science and technology, Marcella Giulia Lorenzi boasts considerable experience in the field of innovation and scientific dissemination, in particular through art and new technologies. In 2006 she is among the founders of the “Laboratory for Scientific Communication of the University of Calabria” (LCS) created with the aim of promoting Scientific Culture through dialogue between the academic and business world, government institutions, media operators and citizens.

In addition, she has collaborated in initiatives for the realization of exhibitions, research and development projects (also at the level of European Cooperation), to bring science out of the laboratories, towards ordinary people.

Sandra Leone

Sandra Leone, art historian and curator. She is interested in the internal dynamics between psychoanalysis and artistic language. As part of the Movement of Critical Psychoanalysis in Florence, in 2012 she participated in the Higher Training Course in Social Ontology by Maurizio Ferraris. She began her collaboration with Sala 1, International Center of Contemporary Art (Rome) in 2010, dealing with press office, set-up, curating, fundraising and guided tours. She was project leader of “Save The Stairs”, a campaign in support of the restoration of the Pontifical Sanctuary of the Holy Stairs by the Vatican Museums. She activated and promoted the internship program with the La Sapienza University of Rome, Rome 3 and Tor Vergata for the departments of Art History, of which she became the referent and training tutor. In 2012 she was in charge of Studio Tito Amodei and joined the Tito Foundation. She curated and / or organized various exhibitions, including: “Tito – Gli Inizi. Pictorial and sculptural works from 1951 to 1973″,” Laura Stocco – Croce di Luce. 14 Tales on the Passion of Christ”, “Giulio Telarico – Cartalibro. Stories of imago”, “Guido Strazza- Tito. Making Signs – Graphic Works 1953 – 2009”, “ECODESIGN EXHIBITION” – COSENZA 2015,”Tito: The concrete forms of the invisible”, “Paloma Martinez. Caves”, “Giorgio Caruso – Omnia. From chaos to the shape of the Universe”, “Daria Petrilli. Of the vision and the enigma”; “Renata Soro. Stereopsia”; “Olivia Pendergast: Kindness”.

Riccardo Barberi
Francesco Bossio
Marisa Casciaro
Enrico Cupellini
Mariafelicia De Laurentis
Biagio Di Carlo
Edoardo Erba
Emanuele Fadda
Gioco di Dame
Bruno Gioffré
Giada Grandinetti
Guglielmo Guzzo
Edoardo Maruca
Giampiero Mele
Angelo Mendicelli
Marisa Michelini
Monserrat Olavarria
Piero Patteri
Francesco Perri
Sandra Savaglio
Leonello Tarabella