Call for artworks

    "ART AND SCIENCE 2021 exhibition"

    Museum of Copper and Ancient Crafts (Tessano / Dipignano, Italy)

    Submissions: from AUGUST 10 to SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

    Extended deadline: September, 15

    About The Project
    Science and Art: an (im)possible marriage?
    Professor Adam Finkelstein, Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University, organizer in 2013 of an art competition entitled "The unpredictability of Beauty", in which art puts itself at the service of science to make it an even more effective communication vehicle and accessible to the general public, commented on the union between the two in this way: “This surprising imagery serves as a window through which non-experts can appreciate the thrill that has always accompanied scientific discoveries”.
    According to Einstein "Creativity is intelligence having fun" (Albert Einstein)

    Inside the Museum of Copper and Ancient Crafts in Tessano, the exhibition section of the Art and Science project will finally begin, after the pandemics stop. The project was conceived by the "Mauro Francaviglia Cultural Association" (co-financed by the Calabria Region - PAC Funds 2014-2020, Y2019), in collaboration with the Museum of Copper and Ancient Crafts of Tessano-Dipignano, a village near Cosenza, in Calabria, south of Italy, with the aim of combining art and science / technology, to bring ordinary people closer to science, through art, to create new stimuli starting from ancient knowledge linked to the territory and innovative possibilities of creation and development.
    The objective of this project is therefore to bring common people, and in particular young people and disadvantaged groups, closer to the love for culture, understood in a broad sense as an interdisciplinary union between science, technology and more purely humanistic knowledge, sinking into historical roots of our region, once Magna Greece, up to the (re)discovery of ancient and new professions.
    Great attention will be paid to the theme of recovery, understood both as a circular economy (copper is among the most recyclable elements), and as a creative reuse of places (the museum is located in a former school building) and materials (reuse of materials/ waste to create artistic works). One of the final purposes is to create a new image of Calabria, which knows how to recognize and enhance its historical origins and its cultural heritage, making it a starting point for the creation of innovative and productive initiatives.
    The "Mauro Francaviglia" Cultural Association, founded in 2019, intends to enhance and ideally continue all the scientific and cultural activities that involved Professor Mauro Francaviglia, a world-class scientist, who passed away in 2013, especially research and scientific-cultural dissemination, in strongly interdisciplinary key, between art and science but not only, in universities, research institutions and through scientific societies / associations / other of which he was founder and / or collaborator.
    The Museum of Copper and Ancient Crafts, was created to enhance the ancient local craft of the "boiler makers", who worked copper to obtain containers and tools, also used for other ancient crafts (related to sheep farming, breeding, milk supply chain, etc.), as well as for domestic uses. Already used by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, today copper continues to be used in electronics and information and communication technologies, in art and design, as well as in the agro-food field, in medicine and construction, to the detectors of subatomic particles, the "largest machines built by man", used in laboratories by physicists (INFN, CERN, etc.).


    The "Art and Science" project, in collaboration with the Museum of Copper and Ancient Crafts, launches a call for the selection of works for a temporary exhibition, in part physical and virtual online exhibition, with worldwide diffusion and accessibility.
    The artworks must (one or more):
    - understand the importance of transversal knowledge and create a new interdisciplinary awareness;
    - encourage the recovery of materials, intended both as a circular economy and as a creative reuse of places and materials;
    - create a new image of Calabria, in order to recognize and enhance its historical origins and traditions, making it a starting point for the realization of innovative ideas.
    The Contest is completely free and is aimed at all artists, designers, scholars in the territorial and non-territorial area, without age limits, who intend to express themselves through the visual arts (painting, photography, sculpture, installations, etc.), innovative designs and design, performing arts.
    All the selected works will be exhibited within the exhibition set up at the Museum of Copper and Ancient Crafts for the period of two weeks, starting in September 2021, and will be included in the paper and digital catalog "ART AND SCIENCE".
    Deadline: The call expires on 10 September 2021.

    How to participate

    ⮚ Registration is free
    ⮚The artistic contents of the Performances/ Works are free, there will be no reimbursements
    ⮚ Previously produced Performances / Artworks / Projects are eligible
    ⮚ Registration opens 10 August 2021
    ⮚ Registration deadline: 10 September 2021
    In the registration form, on the website, you can directly upload:
    ⮚ Performing Arts video- with a YouTube Link lasting up to 10 minutes
    ⮚ Visual Arts / Design - Max one high definition file
    (Formats: .jpg -.png of max 10 MB or PDF)
    and enter the following data: