The aims of our project are to enhance the intangible and demo-ethno-anthropological heritage, through scientific research and artistic experimentation: to combine art and science, to bring ordinary people closer to science, to the history of the territory and to foster innovative possibilities of creation starting from ancient knowledge.

The objective of this project is therefore to promote in common people, and in particular young people, the love for culture, intended in a broad sense as an interdisciplinary union between science, technology and more purely humanistic knowledge, from the historical roots of our region, up to the (re)discovery of ancient (i.e.: tradition of copper art) and new professions.

The dissemination of knowledge and the use of cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, will be privileged, through innovative practices linked to new languages, such as art, the language of emotions, intended as a vehicle for scientific dissemination, as well as the use of advanced technologies.


In particular, the thought of Calabrian historical figures will be aimed at enhancing the practices and traditions most closely linked to the regional territory, especially the local identity and traditions, to encourage a recovery or creative and innovative uses of ancient knowledge, through the creation of artifacts to be exhibited and subsequently tested in terms of production.

This will take place through conferences, projection of films and documentaries, online scientific and information dissemination, site-specific artistic performances in the village and direct “laboratory” involvement of the participants, whose artistic / craft works will be displayed into a physical and virtual exhibition. promoting its diffusion and accessibility worldwide. The best products will then be exhibited at the same Museum of Copper and Ancient Crafts in Dipignano.


Other purposes are:

-Understand the importance of the transversal nature of knowledge and create a new awareness, starting with the new generations.

– Recovering material to be reused to create artistic works and encouraging recycling and respect of the environment. Re-use intended both as a circular economy and as a creative reutilization of places and materials.

– Create a new image of Calabria, which knows how to recognize and enhance its historical origins and its cultural heritage, making them a starting point for the creation of innovative and productive initiatives, which above all will have young people as protagonists.