Project Description

Elías M. Pérez



The work is part of a large series called “generic portraits”. They are printed images of 50×50 and 100x100cm. First, the forms with human faces and prostheses are manually modeled on metal mesh, then they are photographed at high resolution on neutral backgrounds and appropriately edited. The final piece is a high definition image that looks a lot like computer generated mesh images. It proposes a game between the physical manual and 3d modeling, between the physical and the synthetic, the analog and digital image. Through the use of the face, the human being is proposed as the center of technology, as well as its representation and possible replacement.

Elías M. Pérez is Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
Member of the research group Laboratorio de Creaciones Intermedia.
Vice President of the National Association of Researchers in Visual Arts.
Deputy director of the research congresses in visual arts ANIAV.
Editor of ANIAV magazine.

As an artist he has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions, with works in the fields of sculpture, photography, video and installation. His work focuses on the relationship between reality and image, physical material and synthetic material, mainly using sculpture and photography as a field of practical study of reality and its representation in today’s society.

He has coordinated exhibitions and research projects, including one on art and mathematics together with the UPV’s Institute of Applied Mathematics. Project that led to three exhibitions and one publication.