Bjoern Muetzel – Matthew Bajor – Cara DeLacluyse


Stellated snubcube Matthew Bajor, Cara DeLacluyse, Bjoern Muetzel   Matthew Bajor: undergraduate student majoring in mathematics and visual arts. "Because of my unique pair of studies, I am constantly looking for ways to connect them." Cara DeLacluyse: undergraduate student majoring in marine biology with a minor in visual arts. "My hope is to combine my

Catalano Anna


Madre Terra Anna Catalano Anna Catalano, artista siciliana, nasce nel 1956. Vive in Lombardia a Mariano Comense - CO, dove gestisce il proprio Atelier Dipinti & Dipinti. Ha frequentato l'Accademia di Belle Arti di Catania, con indirizzo Pittura e Restauro ed è stata allieva di Piero Guccione e Giorgio Di Genova. Lo studio del restauro

Julian Voss-Andreae


Spannungsfeld Julian Voss-Andreae Julian Voss-Andreae's sculptural installation "Spannungsfeld" for the University of Minnesota’s new Physics and Nanotechnology Building was inspired by a view of the human body through the lens of quantum physics. The German title of the installation (literally "tension field") originated in physics but is used in contemporary German almost exclusively in a



Covimetry Iqra IQBAL   Born in 1993, she lives in Lahore, Pakistan. Student of master in computer science, a geometry maniac with expertise in digital design, creative coding and animations. Her artistic works interpret that the universe is computational. She explores a wide range of mathematical concepts like minimal surfaces, polyhedral geometry, symmetrical tessellations, kaleidoscopic

Maica Gugolati


Onde sound installation Maica Gugolati Maica Gugolati, ricercatrice all'Istitutio Nazionale dei Mondi Africani a Parigi, Francia, è antropologa e filosofa. Dopo il suo dottorato in Francia in antropologia sociale e visuale con specializzazione in performance Studies, decide di continuare la sua carriera con collaborazioni con artisti della zona caraibica partendo dal suo lavoro accademico come

Nevena Tadic – Susan Gerofsky


Susan Gerofsky Seven Strands of Alphabetical Braided Crows   Dr. Susan Gerofsky is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Environmental Education at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her interdisciplinary research is in embodied, multisensory, multimodal mathematics education through the arts, movement, gesture and voice. She works in curriculum studies, environmental

Pérez Elías M.


Elías M. Pérez L_0031851   The work is part of a large series called “generic portraits”. They are printed images of 50x50 and 100x100cm. First, the forms with human faces and prostheses are manually modeled on metal mesh, then they are photographed at high resolution on neutral backgrounds and appropriately edited. The final piece is

Michael Petry


  Ritratto di Timothy Greenfield-Sanders   Michael Petry ( nato in Texas, 1960) vive a Londra dal 1981. Ha studiato alla Rice University, Houston (BA), London Guildhall University (MA) e ha conseguito un dottorato in arti presso la Middlesex University. Petry è un artista, autore e direttore del Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Londone scrive per l'Huffington Post. Ha

Sara Gevurtz


Inorganic Plains Sara K Gevurtz Sara Gevurtz is an Assistant Professor of Animation at Auburn University. Gevurtz graduated from the CADRE Laboratory for New Media at San Jose State University where she received a Master of Fine Arts in Digital Media Art. She received her bachelor's degree in Evolution, Behavior and Ecology Biology from the

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